It contains 3 soft hooks, a training CD, the handbook, the technical files, the case and the Profiler


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Why Hooking?

soft hooks


Why use Hooks ?


The connective fibrous tissue represents up to 60% of the bodily mass.
Of different structures, it mainly features a unique fascia.

This fascial web must remain absolutely free.
Stress at any single point involves the participation of the entire fascia.

Either in case of a muscular contracture, tissue adhesions or fibrous corpuscles, the release by means of a simple mechanical effect will bring relief.

Soft hooks allow to painlessly remove those biomechanical troubles and to re-establish the natural configuration.

With what tools ?

soft hooks

The fingertip approach of underlying skin and tissue structures is limited by the thickness of the finger.

A simple and precise tool can put that right.

The soft hook: the real lengthening of the finger.

The soft hook is made of a stainless steel wire of a chosen diameter which ensures the sharpness at tissue level.

First and foremost it is painless.

Three different shapes of hook are enough to cover the different body volumes to be treated, the bending can be adjusted thanks to the brand new Profiler®.

Simple and painless use.


The kit for home training to painless myo-aponeurotic hooking

Why ?

soft hooks

Further information:
1. The hook does not replace the therapist’s  hand but will be its perfect auxiliary.
2. Any action starts distant from pain and then gets closer to it.
3. The palpating anatomy constantly guides the therapist.

The ideal way to hold the tool is summed up in three points:

- lay the tool in the commissure between thumb and forefinger

- fold the forefinger on the handle

- put the thumb in the opposite side

Simple exercise: go over an uneven surface to feel the vibration.

Look at the picture showing the best way to hold the tool as well as the typical manoeuvre

 The ideal way to hold the tool


When to hook ?

soft hooks

To free the adhesions resulting from shock during a sports practice or from surgery.

To remove inflammatory or neuralgic pains in the locomotive system.

The main counter-indications are clearly related to the skin and circulatory condition of the patient.

The obvious relaxation of the muscles due to the transverse mobilisation of the fibres and the effect of the inhibition of reflex points already represent a non-negligible treatment.

An excitable patient seems very sensitive to hooking.

indications soft hooks


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